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Late Friday post

My Friday through photos: Hibiscus sorbet dessert

A delicious hibiscus sorbet from an authentic  Japanese restaurant. I can’t get over how gorgeous the color is.

Gorgeous flower with green background

Around 7 p.m. my friend and I enjoyed the sunset at my favorite park. I walked far into the grass to get away from the geese who had claimed territory on the path and came across a beautiful flower it all of it’s loneliness. flashtat silver arrows

Yet another flashtat weekend. This design is one of my favorites from the pack.  I have found that flash tattoos and summer are my favorite combination.




My guelita’s house

I visited my grandparents house this weekend and enjoyed some much needed family time. I’ve come home relaxed, yet I still long to be with my family for a couple more days. I wish time could stop for a few moments, so I could compose myself, read, write, become inspired again and refuel for the days to come.