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November. A new month has arrived, however, I feel as though it’s a new year.

I feel I have grown the most in 2014. My goals, my inner happiness, my relationships, my love for the world and others, has grown exponentially. Usually on Sunday nights I would lay in bed stressed about Monday morning, but as I sit here calmly, completely in the moment, I know I am no longer the person I used to be. I look forward to what is ahead of me, and I no longer look at my past with regret; only for guidance.

Is this what it means to grow older? If so, I am looking forward to all of my upcoming years. xx


Playing catch up

Since I’ve been idle for a few months, I have so many photos that I never shared on here! Below are photos I took right after I graduated from college (Class of 2013!) and I had a ridiculous amount of free time to stage photo shoots in my guest bedroom. At times I do miss the freedom of waking up everyday with no responsibility, but I quickly faded into a life of bad television and too little cardio. If you’re home all day, how can you appreciate the euphoria of coming home after a long day?

bohostyle photo

Back to basics

Is July really a week away? It’s hard to believe six months ago I was writing my new years resolutions. After rereading everything I felt so inspired to do in 2014, I realized some items on my list had been neglected.

1. I haven’t finished Doctor Sleep yet. What? It’s been, a while. Since January 23, when I received the book for my birthday. I must get on it.

2. Writing. Oh, how my writing has suffered! I have not one journal to account for the months of February to present day. I purchased (well James purchased) a journal for me today at World Market. Ahhhh! I love it! I must snap a pic sometime. Perhaps tomorrow. It’s wonderful.

3. Being Spontaneous. Today that was a total win. James and I were sitting on our new couch, which I must photograph as well, and we decided to make a movie that started in 15 minutes. After arriving at the movie theater and gasping at the amount of cars that flooded the parking lot, we spontaneously went to World Market, and then spontaneously picked up food. Very, very spontaneous and I am left with the high of the spontaneity.

So far, so good.


All day indoors

Yesterday I strained my shoulder and have since kept myself indoors for the remainder of the weekend. I did spend time sitting on my porch for some sunlight to replenish my energy! After consuming two cups of a coffee and some mint lemongrass tea (which is amazing!), I found myself watching a horrible show on Netflix– Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas. I never watched the show Bridezillas, solely because of the name. A couple screaming at each other before and on their wedding day is not something I wish to take part in. Perhaps the drama is amped up because the cameras are rolling and that specific target audience expects screaming and crying, but all that anger on such a monumental, amazing day, is saddening.

This show– Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas– is exactly what the title states, and although it is entertaining, after two episodes I had to switch it off because all that on camera arguing was beginning to put me in a negative space. I am now six hours clean from the show and I am feeling quite amazing.


duckBelieve it or not, the photo above has not been Photoshopped at all! Nor does it have a filter. The duck is floating in the gorgeous blue, pure water of my best friend’s pool.

Yesterday was quite relaxing, laying out by the pool with a full application of sunscreen. I’ve never been one to tan. Well, I enjoy “tanning”, but I’m always covered in sunscreen.

Well, the OWN network has continued to capture my interest. I just finished watching the first two episodes of the documentary series perfectly entitled “Lindsay”. Far from a reality show, “Lindsay” focuses on the life of Lindsay Lohan post rehab. I can’t imagine her life, especially now that her vice has been taken away. Of course this is wonderful, alcohol was only going to destroy her, but the hard reality is that addicts turn to their drug of choice during times of distress, during times of happiness, anytime really, and rebuilding a sober life in the eye of the public has to be overwhelming and terrifying. I enjoy watching this real take on life. No scripts, just a talented actress tackling her disease, one step at a time.

“Ageless” beauty

This morning, with a plate of fresh fruit and orange juice in hand (no coffee!), I sat down and watched a show I’d been waiting for- Oprah Prime featuring Sharon Stone and Cameron Diaz talking about aging gracefully. It was a beautiful change from my typical shows I turn to in the early morning hours. They spoke of how it’s impossible to be an ageless beauty- everyone ages, we cannot defy nature. Although I feel that I already know this knowledge, I don’t practice it in my everyday life. It was refreshing to watch Cameron Diaz, a gorgeous woman who thousands lusted over when she first came onto the movie screen at the age of 21 and now, at 41, she feels as though she understands herself more, feels even more beautiful.

Something Sharon Stone said made me feel bittersweet. She was once invited to a Playboy photo shoot and the model’s body was being held up my electrical tape. Electrical tape was lifting her breast up! And the would just Photoshop then they tape out.  It’s insane. It’s so insane. How do these gorgeous women feel when they are literally taped to morph their body into Playboy’s unrealistic standard of beauty?

Today, when you look in the mirror, compliment yourself. Then, compliment yourself again.

Happy Mondays! xx


rose nails brightlights bestsandwicheverIt’s been a wonderful few days. Gentle rain drops landing on my very much alive rose plant, freshly manicured nails from a rare spa day, glowing skin from a photo that was far too kind due to the sunlight, and an amazing sandwich from Panera. I am now hungry from thinking about the tomato basil bread the veggies rest inside of!

I’m horrible with plants. They tend to die on me quite suddenly. I’ll water them carefully when they first arrive onto my porch, but if I have a couple of busy days I neglect to water them and they sadly fade away. I am determined to keep these beauties alive for springtime is nearly here! I want to cover my porch in plants. I feel they truly help keep positive vibes strong.

Am I the only one who becomes extremely happy when snap chat photos turn amazing because the sunlight erases all of your pores? I love when this happens! Yet I rarely post it because it’s really very deceiving, but still good for your confidence?

Oh, and the sandwich. If you ever find yourself inside a Panera, please indulge in their Mediterranean veggie sandwich. Pure deliciousness.

Today I am off to meet with my college roommate and BFF for lunch and shopping. I am going to try very hard not to spend any money on unnecessary items (thin, see through blouses that I can never find the correct undergarments to pair them with).